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Sunday, 16 April 2017 19:00

Canadian Online Radio Network Presents Vintage Vinyl

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A new show which airs Thursday's from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on Station One. The Show like it's name will feature Vintage Vinyl albums spun on turntables live in studio! We'll also be featuring one side of a classic album to be played in it's entirety.
Wednesday, 08 March 2017 19:08

Barstock 2017 In Memory Of Steve Barnhart

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Canadian Online Radio Network is proud to announce we will be on-location @ Lola's Pub & Grub participating for our second time, Live Streaming the Barstock event which is In Memory of Steve Barnhart this year.
We are Throwing it back to last year Novemeber, 2016 when Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame rocked to a full house at Barrymore's Music Hall in Ottawa, ON. Canada.
In case you missed it! Keychain put on a phenomenal show this past Saturday @ Deke & Squeaks Cornwall.
Broadcasting from Cornwall,Ontario, smack dab in the heart of The Seaway Valley we are The Canadian Online Radio Network. Bringing you multiple streaming stations 24 seven 365.
The Canadian Online Radio Network would like to wish all of our listeners and visitors a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Saturday, 17 December 2016 04:31

Dangers Of Winter Benny Hill Mashup

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This video is a very clear reminder that winter can be very dangerous. Enjoy this Benny Hill Remix to a very popular video which went viral 12/05/2016 showing multiple car pile ups during one of the first snowfalls to hit the city of Montreal. Almost 10k viewers on our video alone... it's a must see!
Thursday, 15 December 2016 04:21

A CORN Christmas - CORN Station 2

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A CORN Christmas is 21 hours a day of Christmas music. (Waking Up Country still airs from 6 to 9 am daily)
Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon Lightfoot born November 17, 1938 is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has been given the Order of Canada, as well as, the Order of Ontario. Making his way across North America during the 1960's and 70's helping to form what is now defined as folk-pop, Gordon Lightfoot has made a name for himself on the international scene and continues to this day to entertain and bring smiles to those listening with such songs as: "Early Morning Rain" and "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

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